Welcome to Coffee Tea Knits

Hello and welcome to Coffee Tea Knits. Knitting has been a hobby of mine since 2010 and I still continue to learn more about this craft. At first, I just dabbled with knitting and knit a few blankets and scarves. It wasn’t until I knit my first seamless sweater that I became fascinated with this craft. It never ceases to amaze me that with just two simple stitches one can create a plethora of knits from garments to ornaments!

While my desire to create drives me to keep on knitting, pragmatics has driven me to be resourceful. I take patterns of knitted items and modify them by substituting yarn (usually with a more budget friendly yarn!) or by using a different stitch pattern. I prefer to knit simple and seamless garments that can be knit all in one piece. Most but not all my knits are with yarns that are machine washable.

Come join me as we explore the wonderful and versatile craft of knitting and topics related to it by reading knitting tidbits and seeing some of my knits.

Happy Knitting!

Find me on Ravelry as coffeeteaknits

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