2016 and minimalism in the craft of knitting

My 2016 finished knits: I knit six adult sweaters (one of them pictured below). I also knit a few other things including a couple of hats and scarves. Most of my knitting projects were with yarn I already had and featured minimal design elements.

This cardigan was knit double stranded holding one strand of Premier Home Cotton yarn with one strand of Fashion Plus Mill End variegated yarn.


My WIPs (work in progress): Four sweaters and a blanket.

This year my knitting was focused more in knitting projects that would reduce the yarn I already had. By knitting double stranded and using stockinette stitch I was able to use twice the amount of yarn for sweaters. I also learnt to knit a seamless sweater with contiguous sleeve although I still prefer knitting sweaters with raglan sleeves . I bought much less yarn this year compared to my purchase of yarn last year. I found that yarn starvation wasn’t the answer to minimalism and zen habits for me but that mindful yarn purchase lead to more satisfaction in my knitting. Read more of Craft Session’s blog series on how to reduce yarn stash. Although this year’s main focus was reducing yarn I already had, I would like to focus more on learning new knitting techniques next year.

Happy knitting fellow knitters.