Minimalism in the craft of knitting

Hello folks my theme this year is to feature minimalism in the craft of knitting. Minimalism is the use of the fewest and barest essentials or elements, as in the arts, literature, or design to create maximum effect.  Some knitwear designers (Jane Richmond, Tin Can Knits etc.) have used the art of minimal design elements to create a number of beautiful knits. Minimalism combined with Zen habits has also been applied to manage knitting projects and yarn (1). Knitting is recreational and therapeutic for me but it can easily become overwhelming with too many WIP’s (work in progress) and an increasing yarn stash (2). The benefits of applying minimalism to manage yarn and knitting projects include increased productivity, reduced clutter and decreased stress. It is for these benefits that I want to feature minimalism in the craft of knitting this year. Specifically my goal is to knit as much as possible with yarn I already have and also to feature minimal design elements in my knitting projects.

So folks will you share your theme for knitting this year?

1. Let it Go: Zen and the Art of Crafty Minimalism
2. On Knitting, Yarn Stashing and Consumerism


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