When knitting is more about the craft

When knitting is more about the craft and less about the yarn, more knitting time can be spent exploring and learning the various knit and purl stitch patterns as well as enjoying the process and benefits of the versatile craft of knitting.
It has been so with me this year with the square a month year long blanket knit-along. Since I’ve modified the pattern so that the squares are twice the size of the squares in the knit along pattern and all squares have the same number of rows and stitches, I’ve spent much time exploring the different knit stitch patterns and selecting the ones that would fit with this modified pattern. Most of all I’ve been able to explore and enjoy the creative process involved in the making of this knitted item.

Knit-along by Hannah Wallace in Knit Simple Magazine, Holiday 2017 issue.
August 2018 square: Stitch pattern for both squares are different from the knit-along pattern.
Yarn: Lion Brand® Vanna’s Choice®
Project details on my Ravelry project page

August 2018 Square 1

August 2018 Square 2


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