To knit a center out blanket

A center out knit blanket

Yarn used: Lion Brand Pound of Love® Yarn

This garter stitch blanket is knit center out with two different colors of yarn I already had. Compared to the center out crochet blanket I posted about in February 2020 which was completed within two months, knitting this blanket has taken me longer than six months to complete. This is because as the blanket grew larger, I could only knit a few rounds in one sitting due to issues with hand fatigue. There were close to 800 stitches on the needle at bind off. 

The number of garter ridge stripes for are based on the Fibonacci sequence till the last stripe for both yarn colors. I did not have enough yarn left so the number of garter ridges for the last stripes are shorter than the next Fibonacci number in the sequence. The blanket was finished with a single crochet border and diagonal crochet duplicate stitches for the four corners. Although I like how the center out seamless knit blanket looks, I still find the process of crocheting a center out seamless blanket more appealing.



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