The Interwoven Earwarmer Pattern

One of the things I find interesting as a knitter is how some knit stitch patterns look so similar to certain crochet or woven stitch patterns. To me a plain weave is much like a garter knit stitch pattern. So when I wove this wrap in houndstooth weave pattern (pictured above) using 2 different colors of yarn, I wanted to see how the same weave pattern and yarn would translate into a knitted houndstooth stitch pattern.

The Interwoven Earwarmer is knit bottom up and in the round. It is knit with two different colors of yarn in the houndstooth stitch pattern that uses garter stitch pattern along with slip stitches. A crochet slip stitch is then used for the cast on and bind off edges. Lastly, a duplicate stitch is used to reinforce the stockinette stitch in the back of the Interwoven Earwarmer

Materials needed to knit the Interwoven Earwarmer:

Yarn: Loops and Threads Cozy Wool Merino DK weight yarn in Colorway A: Cream and Colorway B: Purple (The yarn has been discontinued but substitute yarns are listed here on Yarn Sub website)
Knitting Needles: US #6 16-inch circular needles; US #8 knitting needles for the cable cast on and bind off
Crochet Hooks: US F-5 and US G-6
Tapestry needle to weave in ends and for the duplicate stitch
Gauge: 5.5 stitches per inch in garter houndstooth stitch pattern with US #6 knitting needles 
Size: M – about 20 inches in circumference and about 3.75 inches in length without stretching 
K: Knit
P: Purl
pm: place marker
sm: slip marker
BOR: beginning of round
s1 purlwise: with working yarn in back slip 1 stitch purlwise from the left needle
[…]: stitch pattern repeats

The Interwoven Earwarmer Pattern (text and images for personal use only)

Cast on 112 stitches with Yarn Colorway A (cream) and US #8 knitting needles using the cable cast on method. Transfer all the stitches to US #6 16-inch circular needles. Place a BOR marker, join the round by knitting as follows:

  • Round 1: With Colorway A (cream), knit to the BOR marker, slip BOR marker
  • Round 2: With Colorway A (cream) knit the first stitch, switch to Colorway B (purple) yarn and  [K2, s1 purlwise] repeat […] till BOR marker, slip BOR marker
  • Round 3: With Colorway A (cream) knit the first stitch, switch to Colorway B (purple) yarn and purl all stitches till the BOR marker, slip BOR marker
  • Round 4: With Colorway A (cream) knit the first stitch, and with the same Colorway A [s1 purlwise, K2] repeat […] till BOR marker, slip BOR marker
  • Round 5:With Colorway A (cream) knit the first stitch, and with the same Colorway A purl all stitches till the BOR marker, slip BOR marker

Repeat Rounds 2 to 5, nine more times. 
Repeat Rounds 2 and 3, one more time.
Repeat Round 1, one more time
Bind off stitches with US #8 and Colorway A yarn. Insert the US F-5 hook in the last stitch for a slip stitch crochet edge.

  • With the last stitch on US F-5 hook and Colorway A (cream) yarn, chain 1 and then insert hook under the first bind off stitch, yarn over and pull the yarn over under the bind off stitch and slip stitch it with the first stitch on the hook. Repeat this with the next bid off stitches till one stitch left on the hook. Bring the working yarn through the last stitch.





Repeat the same with slip stitch crochet method as above for the cast on stitches with Colorway A yarn and US G-6 hook

Duplicate Stitch or Swiss Darning (optional):
Using a tapestry needle and Colorway A yarn reinforce the first knit stitch of each round with the duplicate stitch (to learn how to do this watch a video tutorial on duplicate stitch by Staci of


Weave in the ends, wash and block the Interwoven Earwarmer




A season to knit earwarmers

Earwarmer with Fair Isle Knitting

Yarn Used: Patons® Classic Wool Worsted in Burgundy and Grey? (not sure about this colorway since it was knitted from yarn I already had and no longer have the label for it)

Project Details: This pattern Fair Isle Headband by Jane Stringer is a free Ravelry download and really a good project to start knitting Fair Isle. This is a fourteen stitch and fifteen round repeat pattern that can be knitted within a week. Next time I will knit two extra rounds of ribbing since the ribbing was curling up before I blocked the earwarmer.

This is my first time knitting Fair Isle and I wanted a small project to practice it. I still need to work on carrying my floats in the back (missed one in the lower right section of the second image) and knitting without tangling the two strands of yarn. It was a straightforward project with no increases or decreases in the pattern and a great introduction to Fair Isle knitting.

A season to knit earwarmers

  • They are quick knits making them great holiday gifts.
  • Learn or practice new and more complex stitch patterns (eg. Fair Isle) before investing time on a bigger knitting project with that particular stitch pattern.
  • Can be knitted flat and then seamed or can be knitted seamless and in the round. The pattern is the same bottom up or top down.
  • One skein (200 yards) of yarn is enough to make 2 or more earwarmers. Great for using leftover yarn.
  • Can be knit with any type or weight of yarn.
  • Good for keeping your ears warm in the winter without messing up your hair.

Happy Knitting!